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My Sacred Lao : Hans Georg Berger



  • ISBN : 9781932476712
  • จำนวนหน้า : 152 หน้า
  • ภาษา : อังกฤษ
  • ขนาดสินค้า : 25 × 35 ซม.
  • ชนิดปก : ปกแข็ง
  • ผู้แต่ง : Hans Georg Berger

The ultimate photographic collection of Luang Prabang by German photographer Hans George Berger, that explores Theravada Buddhism in present-day Laos, offering an artistic perspective on the lives of the Buddhist sangha and laypersons of Luang Prabang. For over two decades, from 1993 to today, Berger, a photographic artist-documentarian, has created a unique photographic documentation of Lao Buddhist culture.

This volume features a fine selection of photographs of palm-leaf manuscripts, Buddhist architecture and relics, the teaching and transmission of the dhamma, and the practice of vipassan meditation.

These photographs are a rare vision of Luang Prabang through its community and the lens of the photographer. Some describe Berger s photographs as having the quality of a relic that captures the spiritual power of a religious action.


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