Receive a tax deduction of up to ฿50,000*

Terms & Conditions

  1. Orders placed via Central App or on specified items are eligible for e-Tax invoice/ e-Receipt issuance as per The Revenue Department regulations.
  2. Products that are eligible for e-Tax Invoice/ e-Receipt will be marked with a tag "E-Tax" on the product.
  3. Products that are exempt from the issuance of e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt include products that sellers are not able to issue e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt, Non-VAT registered products such as Central Gift Cards, Central Gift Vouchers, Gold Ornaments (limited to the goldsmith’s fee), goods and services classified as non-taxable by the government, and sellers not featured in this campaign. Click here
  4. For customers who would like to receive e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt, please request and input necessary information during order creation. To be eligible for Easy E-Receipt 2024 campaign, customers have to create order, request e-Tax Invoice/ e-Receipt, input necessary information, and make payment during 1 January 2024 to 15 February 2024, with products not distributed by Central (identified by Product ID starting with 'MKP') requiring a completion of the stated actions in this clause by 10:00 AM of 15 February 2024.
  5. An e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt will be sent via Email or SMS that customers input when filling-in the information to request e-Tax invoice/e-Receipt. In this regards, the Company will treat Email as the priority means to send such document to customers.
  6. An e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt will be issued upon the successful order and payment, within 14 business days.
  7. Customers may receive multiple e-Tax invoices pertaining to one order if the items in your order are fulfilled by different stores or sold by different sellers.
  8. After the e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt is issued, if customer returns the products or the order is cancelled, an e-Credit Note will be issued and sent via the same channel that the Company sends e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt.
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